Our Team


Alec Wetherington

The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory

Alec hails from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. He thinks that in a perfect world, he would have become an accordion virtuoso, but in the meantime he plays a surprisingly mean ukulele. He finds that life’s true joys are the simple ones – coffee, learning, and staunchly defending the ’90s as America’s cultural peak.


Alejandro Barahona

Word Juggler and Cook Extraordinaire

Having been expelled from Spain due to his dislike of soccer and red wine, Alejandro came to the US to finish his studies in Monterey, California. After moving to Hoboken, Alejandro put away his plans for world domination when he discovered the high cost of insuring minions. Alejandro is currently implementing a cunning plan to generate a massive black hole by hoarding large numbers of books and feeding his friends enormous amounts of Spanish food.


Geoffrey Johnson

Carbon-Based Lifeform

A Phoenix native, Geoffrey traded the Arizona desert for the California sun. He currently resides in Echo Park and claims that there is no other place in LA he’d rather be. Rather than fighting the brutal rush hour traffic on the 10, the 110, and the 101, he prefers to take the bus or ride his bike. Geoffrey plays in a couple of bands, checks out as many concerts and standup comedy shows as possible, enjoys the exotic sounds of BBC news radio reports, and firmly believes that space is the place.


Justin Vaughan

The Protein Shake Guy

Justin is from the sweet fields of North Carolina. He has a diverse taste in music and movies, and loves running cross-country, fencing and working out. Although he claims he’s not very good, he sometimes likes to grab a canvas and paintbrush and go to work. He tries to smile often and makes sure to laugh every day because it’s good for the heart, mind, and soul.


Kelly Downes

The Girl Who Lived

Born in Godric’s Hollow, England, Kelly was orphaned at a young age when an evil wizard attempted to vanquish her to circumvent a prophecy. She became one of the most famous members of the wizarding community before she even attended Hogwarts. Her accomplishments later in life include protecting the Philosopher’s Stone, playing on her Quidditch team as the youngest Seeker in over a century, leading Dumbledore’s Army, and most importantly – defeating Voldemort.


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