Our Culture

Verbal Ink was founded in 2003 and over the years has evolved in bringing intention to everything that we do. This starts first on the inside with our six pillars. These are a set of core beliefs that our Founder and CEO has developed in an attempt to cultivate growth at every level of our company: personally, professionally, and corporately.

“Sustainable Growth is our goal that drives us to be better.”

“Why We Pay A Fair Wage”

As consumers think more about the true costs of outsourcing labor overseas, and the fair and humane treatment of that labor, our decision to pay a living wage to U.S. based workers rings true. Our goal at Verbal Ink is not to become the “Walmart of transcription companies,” keeping costs low by any means necessary. Instead, we make a modest profit that allows us to run a sustainable business while supporting hundreds of staff.

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“One way we show our gratitude is by helping others.”

With your help, Verbal Ink helps others. One of our core tenets as a company is the idea of giving back – helping others, sharing, and trying to make the world just a little bit better. Sometimes this is as simple as really listening to what a customer needs, or returning transcripts early. Sometimes it’s a larger initiative in supporting different non-profits.

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“We are proud to support others in their pursuit of excellence.”

Each year, Verbal Ink awards a $1500 scholarship to a graduating high school senior or current college freshman. The scholarship is renewable each year for up to four years, provided that the award recipient maintains a 3.0 GPA or equivalent, and completes the minimum number of credit hours required to be a full-time student each academic year.

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