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One Focus

How often do you look at your phone during the day? While technology has made many improvements in our lives, it’s also come at a cost where more times than not, we are captive to it. Most of us can remember the day where the thought of having a phone with 24/7 access to our email seemed both foreign and unwanted. Now it is the norm, and we don’t think twice about it.

One of our core pillars at Verbal Ink is to “Make Things Easier and More Fun” and so in the spirit of that we are embarking in a friendly competition this week. All of us have downloaded an app called Forrest which is a tool that rewards you if you are able to not look down at your phone. You plant an imaginary tree for the number of minutes of your choosing and by the end of the day you have hopefully planted several trees.

We have divided up into four teams here in our office to see who can accumulate the highest number of minutes in an 8 hour work day for a full week. Feel free to join along and check out the app.