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How Far Down is the Bottom Line?

“There is such a thing as raw, unalloyed, agenda-less kindness." - David Foster Wallace

Our guiding principal at Verbal Ink is that Life is Meaningful, and that's why we make an effort when it comes to doing our jobs. In modern America, “Corporate Ethics” can often be seen as a hollow term. But like any sweeping statement, this isn't always true; there are plenty of businesses out there, profitable and otherwise, making an effort to affect something in the world that isn't just their bottom line. There's an organization called Ethisphere, and the first sentence of their mission statement is this: “Our conversations with companies from all over the world point to one clear conclusion – companies are hungry for actionable data they can use to advance their programs, culture of ethics and corporate brands.”

The good news is that there really are companies out there trying to make a difference, and they should be lauded. Make no mistake about it, financial growth is certainly not a bad thing. And there does seem to be a growing shift in American corporate culture that a happier work environment is simply good for everyone. For proof that the world of business doesn't always have to rule out the value of humanity, you can take a look at Ethisphere's 2016's list of Most Ethical Companies. Encouragingly, 99 of the 131 winners are based in the United States, demonstrating that our own country, and plenty of others around the world, are not strictly focused on having the most profitable businesses, but on generating their profits in ethical ways. There are innumerable ways to put together a good company, but to us, the best choice to make sure your company is respected for all the right reasons.