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What’s Happening at Verbal Ink

Happy Halloween!

Taking a break from the usual Verbal Ink topics of our place in the American corporate environment, we thought we'd put on the costume of a history...

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Growth Mindset

Having an “open mind” isn't always a motto to be reminded when we're out of our cultural comfort zones: applied to our professional and personal lives...

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A Culture of Respect

One of our values at Verbal Ink is the idea of the workplace being a safe space – regardless of the day to day demands of our jobs, we are nonetheless...

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Root Words

There’s a small subset of people out there who like to think about where words come from. “Etymologists” is one word for them, while “Nerds” could be...

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New Light

One of our core pillars here at Verbal Ink is to be intentional in the space that we are creating around us. This applies both to our physical office...

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One Focus

How often do you look at your phone during the day? While technology has made many improvements in our lives, it’s also come at a cost where more...

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