Verbal Ink Transcription Services

Since 2003, Verbal Ink has provided accurate, affordable transcripts for thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. We can reliably transcribe even the most difficult projects, and guarantee that your transcript will have at least a 98% accuracy rate. Our transcriptionists for English language projects are always actual people working in the U.S. – we never use robots or algorithms. Simply upload your recording to our secure website and, in as quickly as a few hours, your friendly Account Executive will email your completed transcript to you.


Artful, Accurate Translation Services

Translation is an art, not an algorithm. Unlike machine-based translation services, Verbal Ink's human translators have native-level fluency in English and the foreign language in which they specialize. Our translation experts can translate your audio recording, video recording, or text document from English into Spanish, Japanese into English, or any combination of our fifteen different languages.


Editing and Proofreading Services

Whether you need comprehensive editing or just a second set of eyes for that final proof, Verbal Ink's writing services team is ready to help. Our editors and proofreaders have impeccable writing skills, extensive knowledge of multiple style manuals, and real-world editing experience in a variety of fields and disciplines.


On-Site Spanish Interpretation Services

Verbal Ink now offers on-site Spanish interpretation for the greater Los Angeles area. Each member of our team of interpreters is, at minimum, certified by the state of California and has passed both a written exam and a bilingual interpreting exam for Spanish and English. Our interpreters are professional, accurate, and ready to help you today.


Join the Verbal Ink Team

Verbal Ink is always happy to hear from experienced transcriptionists, translators, and writing specialists. If you'd like to join our team, there's no need to sign up for a Verbal Ink account. Instead, click below to find out exactly what we need from you.


We Provide Transcription Services, Translation Services, and Writing Services

Verbal Ink provides transcription, translation, and writing services, all of which help our customers share their stories. We handle all varieties of audio transcription, including research and academic transcription, legal and market research transcription, and podcast transcription. We’re one of the few companies that provides both audio and document translation services; we also offer proofreading, editing, and copywriting. No matter which Verbal Ink service you may need, we guarantee that the work will be accurate – and affordable.more about our services
Verbal Ink Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Since 2003, Verbal Ink has been one of the country’s leading providers of high quality transcription services. In fact, we guarantee a 98% or better rate of accuracy for your transcript. Regardless of how complex or specialized your project might be, our transcriptionists are ready to help!transcription services
Audio Translation and Document Translation Services

Translation Services

Verbal Ink provides translation services for fifteen different languages, including Spanish, Japanese, and Russian. Our translators have native-level fluency in both English and a second language, ensuring quick, accurate translations that truly capture the meaning of what’s been written.translation services
Document Editing and Proofreading Services

Editing and Proofreading Services

Verbal Ink’s editing and proofreading services will enhance and clarify your writing to its fullest potential. Our North American based editors and proofreaders are experienced and detail-oriented, with strong writing skills across multiple fields and disciplines.editing & proofreading services


Verbal Ink’s clients come from all sorts of industries and backgrounds. College student or CEO, Main Street business or megachurch, investigative journalist or Ivy League researcher – our clients love Verbal Ink’s fantastic customer service and accurate, affordable transcription and translation services.featured clientsAmerican Express, ABC, Time, Harvard, Dell, Sony Pictures, United States Department of State, FedEx, HBO, American Red Cross, Nissan, L'Oréal Paris, Columbia University, 3M, intel, Cox Communication, HP

Meet The Team

Some of us ride for miles on our bikes; some of us ride the wild surf. There are classical pianists, painters, drummers, and chefs in the office. We’re a pretty eclectic bunch here at Verbal Ink – and we’re all ready to help you with your next transcription, translation, or writing project!Meet The Team

Our Philosophy

Verbal Ink wants to make life simpler, easier, and nicer for everybody. This clear understanding of what we want from ourselves and from our company informs the three core parts of our philosophy: Living Wages, LocalSourcing, and Giving Back.

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